How To Unlock Voltas AC Remote (3 Methods)

Are you seeing a little lock icon on your Voltas AC remote, and you’re not sure how to get rid of it? I’ll explain you how to unlock Voltas AC remote easily from 3 different methods. but before jumping straight to the point let’s understand the basics to pinpoint the issue and work accordingly.

Getting to Know Your Voltas AC Remote

Basic Functions

  • Power On and Off: How to start and stop your AC.
  • Temperature Adjustment: Regulating the cooling effect.
  • Fan Speed Control: Finding the perfect breeze


  • Cool Mode: Optimal for scorching summer days.
  • Heat Mode: Keeping you warm during winter.
  • Fan Mode: For circulating air without cooling or heating.
  • Sleep Mode: Ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep.

Now that you’ve understood the basics let’s explore how to unlock Voltas AC remote easily.

How To Unlock Voltas AC Remote (Voltas AC Remote Unlock Guide)

In most cases, your remote control is perfectly fine. The issue is that it’s locked. This means you can’t turn on your AC or customize its settings as desired. You can’t select your preferred mode or adjust the temperature.

The solution is simple: follow the steps to unlock your Voltas AC remote.

Method 1: Using Temperature Buttons

  1. Press the “+” and “-” temperature buttons simultaneously.
  2. Hold both buttons for 3-5 seconds to unlock the remote.
  3. If this doesn’t work, release the “-” button and continue holding the “+” button for an additional 3 seconds.
  4. Your remote control is now ready to operate your AC.

Method 2: Power Button

  1. Point the remote towards your AC.
  2. Click the power button.
  3. When the AC flaps are fully open, you’ll notice a small flower symbol on the remote control screen. This symbol indicates that the remote control is functioning correctly, the Voltas AC remote lock is open, and the cooling production is in line with the set temperature.

Other Methods

There are three alternative methods to unlock the Voltas AC remote, depending on the model of your air conditioner:

  1. Remove and Reinsert Batteries: Take out the batteries from the remote and wait for 3-5 minutes. Reinsert them and check if the lock icon has disappeared from the screen.
  2. Check for Default Code: Refer to the remote’s manual to see if there is a default code available. If found, follow the provided procedure to restore the remote to its default settings.
  3. Use the Reset Button: If your remote has a “Reset” button, press it for 3 seconds to unlock it.

With these methods, you can easily unlock your Voltas AC remote and enjoy a hassle-free cooling experience.

How to change Fahrenheit to Celsius in Voltas ac remote

  1. Make sure your AC is powered on.
  2. Locate the mode button on your remote.
  3. Press and hold the mode button for a few seconds until you see the temperature unit change from Fahrenheit to Celsius, or vice versa.
  4. Release the button once the desired temperature unit is displayed on the remote screen.

This simple procedure allows you to toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius on your Voltas AC remote, adapting it to your temperature preference.

Locking Your Voltas AC Remote: A Simple Process

If you wish to activate the lock on your Voltas AC remote again, the process is just as straightforward as unlocking it. You can toggle the lock on and off with a simple long press on the temperature increase and decrease buttons simultaneously. This ensures that you have control over when to secure or release the remote control for your Voltas air conditioner.

Advanced Features

Your Voltas AC remote is not just for basic cooling. Let’s discover its advanced functionalities that might have gone unnoticed.

Turbo Mode

Have you ever needed rapid cooling on a hot day? Turbo mode is here to save the day. With a simple press of a button, your AC will blast out icy air to cool your room in record time. Say goodbye to sweating during a heatwave!

Swing Feature

In the Swing feature, your AC vents move horizontally, ensuring even cooling across the room. This eliminates hotspots and makes your living space uniformly comfortable.

Timer Settings

Plan your cooling experience with Timer Settings. You can set your AC to turn on or off at specific times, so you always return to a comfortable environment. It’s not just about convenience; it’s also about saving energy.

Remote Control and Mobile App

Did you know that you can control your Voltas AC using your smartphone? Simply download the Voltas Smart AC app, pair it with your AC, and enjoy seamless remote control from anywhere. It’s like having your AC in your pocket!

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How to start Voltas AC without a remote?

To start your Voltas AC without a remote, locate the button pad on your AC unit and press the power button on the keypad. This will initiate your Voltas AC, allowing you to operate it even without the remote control.

How to remove lock from Voltas AC remote?

To deactivate the child lock on your Voltas AC remote, follow these steps:
Simultaneously press the temperature increase (+) and decrease (-) buttons.
Hold both buttons for a few seconds to unlock the remote.
If the issue persists, release the (-) button and continue holding the (+) button for an additional 3 seconds.

What’s the ideal temperature setting for energy efficiency?

24-26°C is generally recommended for a balance between comfort and energy savings.

Can I set the Timer to turn on my AC when I’m away from home?

Yes, you can. The Timer function is incredibly versatile.

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